25 april 2022

5.20a wake / coffee / admin 7.15a prep/eat breakfast 8.20-1020a run errands / travel to studio 11-11.15a phone chat / tufts 12.20-12.50p video chat 12.50p lunch 1-2p video mtg / smfa 3.35-4.05p travel home / run errand 4.10-6.45p studio admin @home 6.45p prep dinner 7.20p dinner / tv 9.30p head to bed Continue reading 25 april 2022

24 april 2022

6.20a wake / coffee 7.50a prep/eat breakfast 8.25-9a grocery run 1p prep/eat lunch 5-5.45p video mtg / studio 6p prep dinner 7.35p dinner / tv 9.30p head to bed Continue reading 24 april 2022

23 april 2022

6.50a wake / coffee 8.30a prep/eat breakfast 9.30-11a run errand / travel to studio 11.20-11.45a travel home / run errand 12.45p lunch 5.40p order dinner 6.15p dinner 9.30p head to bed Continue reading 23 april 2022

22 april 2022

4.50a wake 5a make coffee 5.10a morning admin 6.45a prep/eat breakfast 7.15a-12p admin 10-10.25a video mtg / parsons 10.30-11.45a video mtg / studio 12p lunch 12.40-3.20p travel to nj gallery / home >turned around @ newark / gallery closed 3.30-4p admin 6.30p head out 10a arrive home 10.45p head to bed Continue reading 22 april 2022

21 april 2022

5.15a wake / make breakfast 5.20-8.20a admin 8.20a prep/eat breakfast 9.20-10.20a admin 10.35-11.05a travel to new museum 12.30-2.15p lunch 2.15-2.40p travel to studio 3-3.15p video mtg / smfa 3.20-3.35p video mtg / smfa 4.05-4.25p video mtg / smfa 4.25-4.40p video mtg / smfa 4.40-5.50p video mtg / smfa 7.20-7.40p travel home 8p dinner / tv … Continue reading 21 april 2022

20 april 2022

5.25a wake / make coffee 5.35-7.40a morning admin 7.45a prep/eat breakfast 8-9a video mtg / studio 9.35-10.10a travel to studio 12-1.10p take walk / lunch 2.05-2.50p video mtg 3.20-3.55p travel home / run errands 4-5.45p studio admin 4-5.45p video mtg / tufts 5.45p dinner 6.20-6.40p travel to parsons 6.45-7p admin 7-9.40p class 9.45-10.05p travel home … Continue reading 20 april 2022

19 april 2022

5.15a wake / make coffee 5.20-6.30a morning admin 7.25a eat breakfast 8.10-8.50a travel to mtg 9-10a mtg 10-10.45a travel to studio / run errands 10.45a-5.30p studio 12-1.10p lunch video mtg 1.15-1.30p video mtg / smfa 2.30-4p video mtg / parsons 4-4.50p video mtg / smfa 5.40-6.05p travel home 6.20p prep dinner 7.30p dinner / tv … Continue reading 19 april 2022

18 april 2022

6.40a wake / make coffee 9a breakfast 10a-1p studio admin @home 1.10-1.40p travel to mtg 1.40-4.10p mtg / studio 4.10-4.55p travel home 5-5.10p run errand 5.55p prep dinner 6.30p dinner / tv 9.45p head to bed Continue reading 18 april 2022